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Get Contact by ID

The Sendblue API allows you to retrieve contact information by their unique contact ID. This endpoint can be used to fetch detailed information about a specific contact.

Get Contact by ID

To retrieve a contact, make a GET request to the following endpoint:


Replace :contactId in the endpoint URL with the unique contact ID you want to retrieve.

Sample Request

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'sb-api-key-id: YOUR_SB_API_KEY_ID' \
--header 'sb-api-secret-key: YOUR_SB_API_SECRET_KEY'

And here's the same in Node.js with Axios

const axios = require("axios");
const url = "";

.get(url, {
headers: {
.then((response) => {
.catch((error) => {

Possible Responses

"status": "OK",
"contact": {
"account_email": "[email protected]",
"displayPhone": "+1 234 567 8912",
"phone": "+12345678912",
"is_unread": false,
"displayDate": "8/18/23 1:02 AM",
"previewText": "this is the latest message i sent to you",
"last_date": "2023-08-18T01:02:13.689Z", // last message date
"cid": "bLaLblalaLl11lALlalabla"

If there is no contact with the specified ID, you will receive a 404 status code with the following body:

"status": "error",
"message": "Contact not found"