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Receiving Messages


A user must be registered as a contact on your account before their messages will be routed to you. This can be done by sending them a message or adding them as a contact.

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Receiving Messages

In order to enable receiving messages, you have to specify the webhooks that you want to use in your api dashboard.

Received Messages will be sent as a POST request to the webhook which you define. These messages will be delivered in the JSON of a POST body which looks like this:

"accountEmail": "[email protected]",
"content": "Ahoy Developer!",
"media_url": "some_cdn_link.png",
"is_outbound": false,
"status": "RECEIVED",
"error_code": null,
"error_message": null,
"message_handle": "xxxxx",
"date_sent": "2020-09-10T06:15:05.962Z",
"date_updated": "2020-09-10T06:15:05.962Z",
"from_number": "+19998887777",
"number": "+19998887777",
"to_number": "+15122164639",
"was_downgraded": false,
"plan": "blue"

You must send a response to our server in order to avoid receiving multiple webhook calls.

Webhook Body Parsing

Callback Body FieldTypeDescription
accountEmailstringAssociated account email
contentstringMessage content
media_urlstringA CDN link to the image that was sent to your sendblue number from an end-user. This link expires after 30 days
is_outboundbooleanTrue if message is sent, false if message is received
statusstringThe current status of the message
error_codeinterror code (null if no error)
error_messagestringdescriptive error message (null if no error)
message_handlestringSendblue message handle
date_sentstringISO 8601 formatted date string of the date this message was created
date_updatedstringISO 8601 formatted date string of the date this message was last updated
from_numberstringE.164 formatted phone number string of the message dispatcher
numberstringE.164 formatted phone number string of your end-user (not the Sendblue-provided phone number)
to_numberstringE.164 formatted phone number string of the message recipient
was_downgradedbooleantrue if the end user does not support iMessage, false otherwise
planstringValue of the Sendblue account plan