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Welcome to the Sendblue Documentation.

If you discover a bug, please raise an issue here, If you need support with your integration, you can email us at [email protected]. Here are some helpful links for getting started quickly:


  • Sending iMessages: Sending iMessages is supported
  • Receiving iMessages: Receiving iMessages is supported through webhooks
  • Sending SMS: Sending SMS is supported
  • Receiving SMS: Receiving SMS is supported
  • Sending MMS: Sending MMS is supported
  • Receiving MMS: Receiving MMS is supported
  • Zapier integration: Zapier is supported see here
  • 🟡 Tapbacks: Scheduled
  • 🟡 Read receipts: Scheduled
  • 🟡 Group iMessaging: Scheduled

See more on our Roadmap


If you would like to request a feature, please send us an email at [email protected].