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Group Messages


This API is still in beta, and is subject to change at any time. Please consult with us before going into production.


Currently the group messaging api is only available to Sapphire plans and above.


  • Sending iMessages to groups: supported
  • Sending SMS to groups: supported
  • Receiving iMessage in groups: supported
  • Receiving SMS in groups: supported
  • Sending MMS to groups: supported
  • Receiving MMS in groups: supported
  • Sending expressive messages: supported
  • Adding people to groups: supported
  • 🟡 Removing people from groups: Scheduled
  • 🟡 Changing group names: Scheduled
  • 🟡 Leaving groups: Scheduled

Sending group messages

The API request to send group messages is similar to the individual message request.

API Request

The API request should be made with the application/json content type header. If the group does not exist during the request, it will be created automatically.




The group messaging API expects a slightly different json body than the individual message api. Here are the available fields:

numbersarraynumbers is an array of strings which contain the E.164-formatted phone numbers of the desired recipients in a group chat. The maximum number of people allowed in a group chat is 25.
group_idstringThe group_id field is a uuid with which you can message groups that you have already created. This is the same as passing the same list of numbers as was passed in the initial request
contentstringThe content field is the message that you want to send to the group.
media_urlstringA CDN link to a file which is publicly accessible which will be downloaded and sent to the group by Sendblue
send_stylestringThe style of delivery of the message (see expressive messages)
status_callbackstringAn endpoint which we can hit to notify your app of status updates for this message, see status callback for more info

Either numbers or group_id is required

Either content or media_url is required


const url = ``;, {
numbers: [
content: 'Hello group!',
media_url: '',
status_callback: '',
headers: {
"sb-api-key-id": << apiKey >> ,
"sb-api-secret-key": << apiSecret >> ,
"content-type": "application/json"
}).then(response => {
}).catch(error => {

API Response

The API response will contain the assigned group_id, which is useful for correlating messages sent to a group and messages received from a group.


The group_id that you receive in the response from /api/send-group-message is the only way you will be able to correlate messages sent in a group to messages received from a group in your app.


See the example below to see what our response body looks like. Note that this API is still in Beta so the fields below are subject to change.

"accountEmail": "YOUR EMAIL",
"content": "Hello world",
"is_outbound": true,
"status": "QUEUED",
"error_code": null,
"error_message": null,
"message_handle": "073c1408-a6d9-48e2-ae8c-01f06443833",
"date_sent": "2021-05-19T23:07:23.371Z",
"date_updated": "2021-05-19T23:07:23.371Z",
"from_number": "+19998887777",
"number": ["+11112223333", "+13332221111"],
"to_number": ["+11112223333", "+13332221111"],
"was_downgraded": null,
"plan": "blue",
"media_url": "",
"message_type": "group",
"group_id": "66e3b90d-4447-43c6-9439-15a69408ac2"

the number and to_number fields will likely be renamed to numbers and to_numbers respectively.

Receiving Group Messages

Receiving group messages is very straightforward. There will be a field called group_id which gets sent to your receive webhook.

Adding people to group chats

To add someone to your group chat, you can send a POST request to /api/modify-group.

This endpoint expects 3 parameters.

group_idstringThe id of the group which you want to add a recipient to
remove_recipient 🟡,
rename 🟡,
leave 🟡
The modification type to perform
numberstringThe E.164 standard format for the number that you want to add/remove from the group chat. (Ignored if modify_type !== add_recipient or remove_recipient)

🟡 = unsupported

Here is an example of the JSON post body:

"group_id": "12324354gds-234gvwa30-4evdsbtrs-4agrg4areeg",
"modify_type": "add_recipient",
"number": "‭+19998887777"

Removing people from group chats (In progress)


This documentation is actively being updated