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Please Contact us if you want us to prioritize a feature or if you want to add a feature to our roadmap.


  • Sending iMessages: Sending iMessages is supported
  • Receiving iMessages: Receiving iMessages is supported
  • Sending SMS: Sending SMS is supported
  • Receiving SMS: Receiving SMS is supported
  • Sending MMS: Sending MMS is supported
  • Receiving MMS: Receiving MMS is supported
  • Inbound Call Forwarding: You can forward inbound calls to any phone number
  • Typing indicator: You can now dispatch a typing indicator via API
  • Read receipts: You are able to see when a message was read
  • Zapier integration: Zapier is supported see here
  • 🟡 Group iMessaging: Beta - See beta progress here


  • 🟡 Sendblue Discord: Scheduled
  • 🟡 Outbound calling: Scheduled


  • 🟡 Tapbacks: Planned
  • 🟡 Replies: Planned